Monthly Mini Madness – A Model Box Review

Recently I’ve notice a boom in companies offering “crates” of one type or another. Monthly subscription boxes, containing everything from hats to wine, are the in-thing at the moment, and with most in-things I was completely oblivious to them. That was until my lovely girlfriend purchased me a subscription to Infinity Crate, who have been providing me with a great selection of geeky collectables and clothing for a few months now. And this got me thinking, what else could I purchase in a small box linked to the lunar cycles.

After a bit of online research, I hit on Model Box. They didn’t seem as established as say Loot Crate or Infinity Crate, but they’re promise to provide me with a selection of random miniatures and paints coupled with a cool theme every month. This, plus the generally favourable reviews they’d received, hooked me in pretty fast. My first crate arrived today, I was excited and my excitement was rewarded.20170421_171810.jpg

I pretty sure the theme this month was “Women” and, as you can see from the pictures, I netted quite the feminine bounty. In addition to two bottles of Army Painter paints (A brand I already use and approve of, all hail the dropper bottle) and some dice to add to my growing dice-porn stash, I got a kick-ass Raging Heroes beermat (currently protecting my desk from my can of Coke Zero, cause I’m a rebel and a Wildman). No pictured were the three chocolate eggs included in the box. They were…….let’s say lost.

20170421_171829.jpgMiniatureswise I received a Professor Karrick from Bombshell Miniatures, a Jailbirds “One Shot Blonde” from Raging Heroes, some resin MicroArts Studio industrial bases and Shield Maiden Champion Thorrun from Bad Squiddo Games. All of which were fantastically sculpted and will no doubt be a joy to paint. I’ve purchased from Micro Arts and Bad Squiddo before (Bad Squiddo make excellent realistic female miniatures, so if big boobs in a chainmail bikini isn’t your thing then head over to check them out) Raging Heroes and Bombshell Miniatures were new to me and I think that is one of the major draws20170421_171918 for this service. In my experience model painters tend to stick with a company/game they trust and therefore miss out on a lot of cool stuff that’s out there. With Model Box, I never know what I’m going to get and its already introduced me to new things. The selection of minis and extras that I got was a nice mix and who doesn’t like custom dice! (They put the Model Box symbol on the 6 not the 1, making them already smarter than most custom dice providers).

The Professor Karrick Mini has already been snatched up by my girlfriend (Quite literally…) who insisted that I paint it and provide her with a Steampunk RPG in which she can represent her character (Any suggestions here?) I will mostly likely be using the other two to trial the idea of putting painting tutorials on the blog, for those just getting into mini painting.

Overall I was very happy with this month’s Model Box and it’s well worth the money I’m paying for it. The models are great, the dice are great, the paints are super useful and the lost chocolate eggs were delicious…….I assume. Obviously, it will take a few months to make sure Model Box can be consistent with what they offer, but if this is an example of the stuff I can expect every month then I am totally sold. I can tell you know, getting the little box through the mail is super exciting, it really perks up your day. Next weeks theme is “Barbarian” and I’m already super looking forward to it. Now if you’ll excuse me it is Game Night, and I have cool new dice to decide my players fate.


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