The RPG Megamix: Round one

Our D&D 5th Edition game has been going pretty solidly every Friday for about 7 months now and it shows no sign of slowing down, which I’m really happy with. But in the last few years, there have been so many excellent RPGs released that I though it was about time we branched out. To that end, I have compiled a list of RPGs that we will be playtesting and then group-reviewing. So far it contains:

  • 7th Sea Second Edition
  • 13th Age
  • Achtung Cthulhu
  • Blades in the Dark
  • Call of Cthulhu/Cthulhu by Gaslight
  • Clockwork Dominion
  • Dark Heresy
  • Deadlands Reloaded
  • Deathwatch
  • Delta Green
  • Dresden Files RPG
  • Dungeon World
  • Eclipse Phase
  • Fate
  • Firefly RPG
  • Ghostbusters RPG
  • Lady Blackbird
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess
  • Night’s Black Agents
  • Numenera
  • Planeshift Amonkhet
  • Polaris
  • Pugmire
  • Rogue Trader
  • Shadow of the Demon Lord
  • Shadowrun
  • Starfinder
  • Starwars RPG (Edge of the Empire)
  • Tales from the Loop
  • Torchbearer
  • Traveller 5
  • Vampire the Masquerade
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition)

That should keep us going for a while!

The plan is that we’ll test a game out every two weeks and the report back on what we thought of it. We’re picking the games by a restricted vote – I pick 5 games (using a random number generator) and my players vote for the one they want to play that week.

I want my players to have a decent, non-random, chance to play the games that they are excited about, so I’ve decided that any game that has been voted for will carry over to the next week with it votes intact. If my players consistently vote for a certain game, even if only one of them does, it will eventually float to the top and they’ll get to play it.

The first vote went up on Monday this week and in the mix were:

  • Achtung Cthulhu
  • Starwars
  • Polaris
  • Blades in the Dark
  • The Firefly RPG

After a pretty quick round of voting, the winner came up as The Firefly RPG with 3 votes.


Blades in the Dark was a close second with 2 votes and will be carrying those over to next week where it will be facing off against:

  • Deadlands Reloaded
  • Tales from the Loop
  • The Ghostbusters RPG
  • The Dresden Files RPG

We win pretty much anyway that turns out 🙂

Going forward I’ve decided to turn my vote over to Twitter for some community engagement. I’ll run a poll on Mondays and I’ll vote the same way as the highest number of votes.

So what do you guys think? Have we set ourselves an impossible task? Is there a game on that list you would particularly recommend? Have I missed anything out that is an RPG auto-include? If you’ve got any suggestions I would love to hear them so please do comment or message me on Twitter @1d4damage.

Keep rollin guys, we’re off to misbehave 😉


2 thoughts on “The RPG Megamix: Round one

  1. I’m surprised to see Firefly in the top list. It would be interesting putting Firefly up against Traveller. Not to many people know that the actual Firefly show was based on original Traveller RPG. We played that game a lot in our younger years. It was one of the best. Only game were your character could die during the creation stage LOL!

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