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Drawlab Metal Coins – A Review

Using Props I’m a big fan of using props in role playing games. I know that the Theatre of the Mind has an infinite special effects budget, but we humans are an avaricious lot and there is something special about getting treasure, real hold-it-in-your-hand treasure, that really excites my players. I like to litter my… Continue reading Drawlab Metal Coins – A Review

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The Hidden Art of Our Hobby

Alongside my love of RPG’s I am also an avid fan of tabletop wargaming, specifically, if not surprisingly, Warhammer. Games Workshop’s premier product is ubiquitous in the wargaming world and, regardless of what you think of the GeeDubs themselves, they do produce some lovely miniatures. One of the main draws of Warhammer for me was… Continue reading The Hidden Art of Our Hobby

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Deep Immersion Gaming: Some Advice for Newer Players.

Most role playing games include a healthy dose of acting skill. During the average campaign you’ll put yourself in character, adapt to the other players, take direction form the DM and rewrite the script yourself. But what if you wanted to go deeper, to really act as your character, to totally immerse yourself in the… Continue reading Deep Immersion Gaming: Some Advice for Newer Players.